Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Payza Verification & Online Payment Transfer in India

As we know alertpay become on May 14, 2012.  So there would be some FAQ and troubleshooting with Payza payment transfer. I am having an account in Alertpay now payza since from 2011 feb.  Open an account to payza is free to any memberships. I recommend start with ‘personal starter’ account because sending and receiving money online free upto $400/ month or 2000 USD.
When your business grows in future then simply upgrade to personal pro or business membership. Dealing in foreign currencies, converting and exchanging LR to payza money, online shopping or payment transaction with payza could be affordable and best alternative payment method rather then other online payment processors.
Some of questions could be for Indians while sending and receiving money using Payza . e.g
Deposit money or Add fund to Payza from India
This is important to Indians how to deposit money to payza account. Most of Indian bank does not support online transaction with third party payment processors.
The reason behind this RBI, reserve bank of India does not allow to Indian banks for transaction with other online payment processor in India.
But beside this you can still add fund and deposit money to your payza account from India.
Deposit Money to Payza from India
By Check or Money order: Certified cheque or MO acceptable to deposit money to payza account, It should be in USD. Amount will be deposited within 2 business days after receiving.
Bank Wire  Transfer: Charges to deposit fund by bank wire is 20 USD.
Credit card: Funding through CC to payza e-wallet not acceptable from India, I am not sure but personal pro or business membership may be have this facility with e wallet but not in personal starter account.
Withdraw fund from to India
Bank wire fee charges is 15 USD to withdraw money in India from Payza account. Other wise requesting a check to withdraw money that is free but withdraw currencies available in USD, Euro and GBP only
Payza currency conversion rate in India is 2.5% and they can adjust it regularly.  Higher fee would be apply for some industries that varies 3.90%+Rs28 receiving money.
Payza account verification process for Indians
Verification can be done with three options you can verify your account throgh bank wire transfer,  by withdraw a check or through Credit card. There would be nominal charges upto 2USD for verify account with Credit card. To avoid charges go for manually verification. In this option you have to upload a scanned copy of authorization form and Id proof documents.
How to  upgrade or downgrade payza account:
Sign in payza account, click on My profile option from top menu bar. You can see upgrade/downgrade account option click on it,  choose the membership  that is best for you:).
Contact to payza by making call or email:
By call Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST Canada: +1-514-787-1840 USA: +1-917-720-1220 UK: +44-203-519-0003
By email visit to
Payza official mailing contact address:
Payza Processing Center
8255 Mountain Sights,
Suite 100 Montréal, Québec, Canada, H4P-2B5
I have added best of  my side but you should confirm before using payza. If anything else you always welcome. icon smile Payza Verification and Online Payment Transfer in India


  1. Abhijit says:
    Is there anyway I can withdraw funds from my payza account into my credit card or bank account? If that is so , how to do it?

    • Mukesh says:
      Hi abhijit, yes you can withdraw money in india from your payza account. Request a check or bank wire, a cheque currencies available in USD, GBP and Euro. Read carefully above post.

  2. Abhijit says:
    But in my payza account whenever I am clicking on check as a withdrawal method it says the service is not available.

    • Mukesh says:
      There should be an option for EFT and mail fund transfer from bank wire/ transfer or check under withdraw funds check this picture. If not available, submit a request to payza support from your account. Might be a bug.

  3. Abhijit says:
    The picture you have sent is what I am getting over here. But as soon as I click on check option. I am getting this service is temporarily unavailable. Bank transfer is I have added a bank about a week back and its still not activated for withdrawal.

  4. Abhijit says:
    Do you have a personal pro account or personal starter? Does this makes a difference?

    To Mukesh.
    Hi this is Roopashree.s. Maindan I have a some amount of money in my paya a/c. Now i want it to withdraw to sbi account in India. How I can withdraw through bankwire or send onlinee please response me as soon as possible.

    • Mukesh says:
      You can withdraw amount through bank wire and requesting check (min amount $20). If you read this article carefully you can find your answer within the post. Roopesh s maidan, you should check this picture, definitely you get some idea about withdraw.

  6. Abhijit says:
    Dear Mukesh,
    Is the check withdrawal is active only if you have money in your account? or else it does not gets activated, something like that?

    • Mukesh says:
      Hi Abhijit, there would be a condition but I am not sure. I have two accounts in payza, one in personal pro and another is personal starter. Both have few dollars. So there is always an option for withdraw money through check in both accounts.

  7. payza says:
    You should have minimum 20$ to withdraw through check
    Otherwise it will say, check withdraw not available
    Yes now indian members can fund their account with indian credit card. Not debit card

  8. Abhijit says:
    oh great thanks Mukesh for the clarification. I have now understood. And Mukesh could you please tell us what is the difference between the accounts? Like personal starter, personal pro and business? What are the advantages and disadvantages? I had opened an account by mistake a business account from alertpay, now I want to downgrade it. I have sent several mails and support tickets regarding this matter, but I am still unable to do so. My ticket id is= FHP-151-72724.
    I would highly appreciate if Payza downgrade my account so that I can at least do some online transaction with it.

    • Mukesh says:
      I think you should enjoy with your business membership. There are many benefits with these memberships for more visit and click on Signup button, but i like mostpayza referral program, by this you can earn with each member if they signup under your link. You should check and browse your account for this. For downgrade read updated post again.

  9. Hi Mukesh,
    I have heard several stories that Payza is a scam and they are not willing to pay the Indians. Are bank wires successful in India? Have you done any withdrawl from Payza to your bank account in India through bank wires?

    • Mukesh says:
      Hi Vineet, Like you I also heard same kind of stories. I did not say to use their services, I am telling you about their work and my experience. Well I received payments from other alertpay members into my account and vice versa.


  1. Dear Vineet Saxena,

    How can i tranfer the amount for Payza to my paypal.

    Please revert me as soon as possible.

    1. it's easy to transfer from payza to paypal however,
      please email with your payza information and we will be glad to assist you in doing this.

    2. Many people in this region have always sort for better and easier channels of transferring or sending money other than going to bank to queue or to get token from the bank for online money transfer transactions, without knowing that there is a platform that can even do much better without any stress in carrying out such transaction almost instantly.Money Transfer

  2. Hi, Payza has charged a small amount to my credit card for card verification. This amount i am supposed to enter on their site. However the amount i see converted in INR. I only have 4 attempts to enter the correct USD amount. Please advise what is the exchange rate they would have used to arrive at the correct USD amount. Thank you. Richard

  3. how can i transfer money using payza to neobux(pta)

  4. hi,

    I've submitted Indian Ration card for Address proof, but they are accept then why you are want Ration card.

  5. Great information thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

  6. Any new Payza updates?
    What's new with Payza?

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  8. Hi Mukesh Sir, I Had opened a Payza Account and upload My PAN Card And My United Bank of India Statement on 2nd august For verification but still my account is showing unverified, Plz Sir kindly Tell me how to verified My Account...

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  10. suppose i do online shppoing than could i pay the amount from payza??

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  18. Is state bank of india is good for payza??if yes please tell me the procedure.

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